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Clothing Order



Clothing Order

1.  We will have jersey sizing on Oct. 15th from between 5-8:30pm.  There are NO returns on jerseys. 

2.  Anything other than a jersey can be returned if the size isn't correct.

3.  If you are getting NO new gear you still need to complete the order form.

4.  You have the option to pay online immediately or to pay by dropping off cash or check to Black Swamp before Dec. 1.  Remember no player will be allowed to practice with a balance on their account.

5. rule this year NO athlete will be allowed to wear anything other than Black Swamp appearal on the court.  That goes for sweat pants, sweat shirts, and warm up shirts.

6.  Any new player to Swamp please list your number as 00.  You will be assigned a jersey number.








Please direct questions to:

Jason Miller